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Best Man gags and icebreakers


150 original gags written by a professional comedy writer. This set of gags is updated every 3 months. The package includes:

  • Ice-breakers for the top of the speech
  • Stag do jokes
  • General gags at the expense of the Groom
  • Gags that can be personalised by inserting the Groom’s name / hobby / name of home town, etc.
  • Jokes about what the bride is letting herself in for

These gags will help you construct your speech or punch your existing speech up.  A great value package from someone who’s written jokes for stand-ups, books, TV and radio shows, and hundreds of wedding speeches.

Click here to funny up your speech in minutes. For more info, check out the FAQ below.

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Best Man gags and icebreakers

Who is this for?

  • For someone who’s written a speech and feels it needs some zingers
  • For someone who’s about to write their speech and would like to build it around some great material

What’s in the document?

The PDF contains 150 jokes. Some of the gags also have a lead-in to show you how they could be woven into your speech. There are longer-form jokes too.

The document also contains my speech writing guide that will help you put your speech together.

Who have you written gags for?

For hundreds of Best Men like you but my comedy training was writing for BBC TV and radio shows in the UK, including for household names. Check out my About page for more details.

Do you have any examples of Best Man gags and icebreakers?

Yes. Click to go to my Best Man speech tips page here. It’s a guide to writing a great speech with a smattering of Best Man gags.

OK. How do I buy the package?

Click the PayPal Buy Now button, make the payment and a receipt will be emailed to your PayPal address. Click the link on the receipt and you will download the PDF of gags.

For any queries or issues, contact