Writing A Best Man Speech For A Brother 

Did you know that 1 in every 4 best men are also the brother of the groom? If this is the case for you then you’ll need this handy guide on how to write a best man speech for your brother to make the day a triumph!

A picture of a bride, groom and best man laughing together.
Delivering a best man speech can be a magical experience especially if the groom is your brother.

Diving into the world of wedding speeches can be a nerve-wracking adventure, especially if you’re the designated funny person in your group of friends. However, the true challenge lies in the best man speech. This eagerly anticipated moment holds the power to make or break the atmosphere of the day. It demands an astute blend of wit, humour, and heartfelt sentiments.

Now, if you happen to be the groom’s brother, you might feel like the odds are stacked against you. You’ve known him all your life, so people expect the speech of a lifetime. However, don’t feel overwhelmed. If you follow this ultimate guide, you can create a best man speech that pays tribute to your sibling and contains clever gags.

How To Write A Best Man Speech For Your Brother 

A picture of two brothers hugging.
Writing a best man speech as a brother is a great way to showcase your sibling bond.

As the brother of the groom, you’re at a massive advantage when writing a best man speech. You’ve seen him at the best of times and at the worst. And a lot of that might have been down to you! So, with an entire lifetime of fights, fraternal rivalry and fellowship to draw upon, where should you start? 

Introduce yourself

First, it’s important to let the wedding guests know your relationship with the groom from the outset. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know. So, establish you’re not his carer, a former work colleague or someone who’s just walked in off the street. You’re flesh and blood, and you’re not going to let this stop you from telling the glorious, unvarnished truth about your brother. Think he looks anxious? Yep. He has every reason to be…!

Early memories

Balance is everything in a speech, and you’ll want some heartfelt material to throw into the mix. Early memories can provide fertile ground. These might be occasions you love to reminisce about such as childhood holidays or family gatherings. Or perhaps it’s rites of passage like riding a bike for the first time, passing an exam or your brother treating everyone to a meal with his first salary. In a sense, writing a Best Man speech for a brother is like writing a letter to your younger selves.

If you are sharing Best Man duties with one of his friends, covering some stories from the early years is also a way to guarantee you do not go over the same ground. Your brother waiting to be seen in hospital with a toy bucket stuck on his head is unlikely to be a story a work friend brings up. At least, you hope not.

Mum and dad… what did they ever do for us?

Your parents raised your brother, clothed him and helped shape him into the unique individual he is today. You too! And they’re still waiting for the thank you note. So, a Best Man speech for a brother is also a wonderful chance to say thanks to your mum and dad for everything they’ve done. You don’t need to lay it on thick. A simple recognition of the sacrifices they’ve made is plenty.

Include some sibling rivalry 

Embracing your role as the groom’s brother offers an ideal opportunity to playfully tease him. After all, a best man speech devoid of jabs at the groom would hardly be worthy of the title. And everyone can relate to sibling rivalry.

How about when your garden or local street was transformed into a makeshift Olympic arena, where the pursuit of victory trumped all? 

Or those “play” fights that would have made Mixed Martial Arts look like a ballet lesson. Was your brother someone who always looked up to you… because you usually had him pinned to the floor?

Remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in a bit of self-promotion at your brother’s expense. The audience will love it, and – perhaps secretly – he will too.

Jokes Jokes Jokes

A picture of two men laughing together.
The best part of giving a best man speech is being able to poke fun at your sibling.

This is your chance to remember those delightful, slightly embarrassing stories from the archives of your shared experiences. Remember the times you had to share a room together or even a beloved toy? How did it pan out? Was it plain sailing or did the negotiations require a UN Peacekeeping Force?

Let’s be real here, your brother is well aware of what awaits him. The key is to ensure the spotlight remains firmly on him, while steering clear of any unexploded mines that may dampen the atmosphere.

How To Write A Best Man Speech As The Older Brother

A picture of 4 men together in wedding suits.
Being the eldest brother is a great opportunity to celebrate your bond with your younger brother on his wedding day.

You could present yourself as the esteemed older brother by the younger man’s side. You could be self-deprecating and admit your younger brother is actually wiser and more mature than you. You could, of course, do both.

What’s key is to find those moments that resonate and fill the room with laughter.

For example, did you ever tell him any outrageous lies that would shame a 20th century dictator? You know, like eating mud makes you run faster… if you eat an apple with the pips in it, a tree will grow in your stomach…

Or were you the one who broke it to him that Santa Claus doesn’t exist? If not, perhaps this wedding speech is the time to finally tell him!

Or, perhaps, you witnessed unforgettable milestones, like the night when your younger brother had his first drunken voyage. Stories of mischief go down a storm. And time will have healed any wounds… and his hangover.

Overall, writing a best man speech as the older brother allows you to express respect and admiration, while playfully reminding him that, no matter how clever, tall, successful, athletic, charming and handsome he is… he forever remains your little brother. So there!

How To Write A Best Man Speech As The Younger Brother 

A picture of a younger and older brother in wedding suits together.
Writing a best man speech as the younger brother is an opportunity to show your admiration for your older brother on his special day.

If you are the younger brother delivering a best man speech, you have the chance both to pay huge respect to your brother and indulge in a little payback time.

For a good number of years, your brother was most probably stronger and bigger than you. Or laid claim to knowledge that you were pitifully too young to understand. So, how did this manifest itself? 

Were you always having to retrieve your possessions from him? Did he embody the saying: “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.”? Is there a toy you think you NEVER got back? Was your brother the co-author of your medical record? Could trips to the first aid room have been prefaced by: “This bruised rib was brought to you in association with, yep, my older brother again.”

But let’s not forget the times when your big brother swooped in like a hero, rescuing you from the clutches of a menacing bully, sparing you a smack round the head or a dead arm. Or the times he helped with your homework, consoled you, showed you a brilliant hack on a video game or was simply someone who deserves the name of guru, master, teacher, life coach, lode star and total inspiration?

 These stories hold immense potential, as they not only showcase the profound bond between you and the groom, but also infuse your best man speech with sentiment, nostalgia, laughter and love. You know what? You’re going to make your older brother proud.

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