Best Man speech for a brother

If you’re wondering where to start when coming up with ideas for a Best Man speech about your brother, don’t worry you’re not alone. When you’ve known someone all your life, it’s sometimes hard to spot the wood from the trees.

So, to unlock those stories and ideas, here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

You are the older brother

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

Did you ever tell him any outrageous lies that would shame a 20th century dictator? You know, like eating mud makes you run faster… if you eat an apple with the pips in it, a tree will grow in your stomach…

Are you sure he still doesn’t believe them?

Fight club

During the early years, you were probably bigger and stronger. So, was your brother someone who always looked up to you… because you usually had him pinned to the floor?


Were you the one who broke it to him that Father Christmas doesn’t exist? If not, perhaps this wedding speech is the time to finally tell him!

Follow my leader

Does your brother support the same sports team as you or did he go a different way? Do you share similar tastes in music or fashion? Have you basically been a guru, master, teacher, life coach, lode star and total inspiration?

You are the younger brother

Borrowing things

Were you always having to retrieve your toys or possessions from him? Did he embody the saying: “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.”? Is there a toy you think you NEVER got back?


You’re going to give him a bit of a punch in the arm in this speech, but it’s also a great time to say “thanks” for all the times he stopped someone else from punching you!

Father figure

Is your brother a fair bit older than you and was a sort of father figure? Then why not say a line or two about this in the heartfelt section? Strangely, it can be easier to say this in public than face-to face.

Brotherly love

Sharing a room

If this happened, how did it work out? Was it “peace and love will conquer all” or did you fight like cat and dog?

Sharing the blame

Who got most of the blame when you broke things or made a nuisance of yourselves? Did your brother take one for the team or was his finger immediately raised and pointed in your direction?

Sibling rivalry

Were you more like allies or was there a ridiculous amount of competitive spirit? Was your back garden more like the Olympics than a place to play? If you both listed the things you think you’re better at, do you think you’d agree on each one?

Have you ever been involved in an accident that was totally your brother’s fault?

Was your brother the co-author of your medical record? Could trips to hospital or the first aid room have been prefaced by: “This bruised rib was brought to you in association with, yep, him again.”


Were you there for any “firsts” in his life?

  • The first time he touched alcohol or touched a bit too much.
  • First time in a car with a full driving licence.
  • Working alongside him during his first job
Family holidays

These can be the scene of cherished family photos and wonderful misadventure: getting lost, getting drunk, getting in trouble with the locals, getting sunburned, getting upset that he couldn’t bring his favourite teddy bear. And all on the same holiday.

And don’t forget…

This is also a chance to say what a great friend your brother has been to you. After all, it’s not an automatic choice to be asked to be your Brother’s Best Man. You should feel honoured. And your speech is a chance to say it.

So, there you have it. Start digging and you’ll soon have more material than you’ll know what to do with. Then, once you’ve got all your ideas and stories, take a look at my Best Man speech tips page on how to shape it all into a knock-out speech: the ultimate Best Man speech for a brother.

Over to you. Good luck!

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