I’m a speech writer with a BBC Comedy background, who’s written hundreds of wedding speeches, receiving consistent 5-star feedback. So why not take a look at my Groom speech tips and take your speech to the next level?

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Let's make it all right on the night with these Groom speech tips

  • Icebreakers
  • Who to thank
  • Toasts
  • About the Bride
  • Structure
  • Pitfalls to look out for
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“Without all of you here today, it wouldn’t be the same…but it would be cheaper.”

The old favourites will always have their day in the sun. But rather than use a line that’s more ancient than the Pyramids, why not aim for something original? Here are some angles that might inspire you…


An icon showing a suitcase

People’s journeys are fresh in their minds so you might want to make a reference to dodgy budget airlines or SatNavs breaking down in tears in trying to find the venue.

Famous wedding

An icon representing a Royal Carriage

If a celebrity wedding has taken place or is due to, you could draw some fun comparisons.

Yours is better obviously…

Calendar clash

Icon of a push pin to represent a date in a physical calendar

Does it clash with a big sporting event? Perhaps people will be checking the latest on their phones…so, if you hear cheers, it’s not because your speech is ending…

Linked In

Icon of a desk representing meeting your wife at work

Can you link your job to a line?

For example, if you’re a hairdresser, you’re used to having an audience that can’t escape for 20 minutes…

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Who to thank

A long list of thanks is a chore to read and a bore to hear. Try to keep the list short, the lines snappy and have a light-hearted remark for each.

The usual suspects

  • Parents
  • Parents-in-law
  • Ushers & Best Man
  • Bridesmaids & Maid of Honour

The less usual suspects

  • The staff at the venue
  • Page boy & those who’ve done a reading
  • The wedding planner
  • The celebrant (if it’s a friend)
Icons of two glasses of white wine being chinked together



It’s traditional to toast the bridesmaids but this is becoming less common. You might wish instead to toast your bride, your family or everyone for coming.

How many and when?

One toast at the very end is standard. If you wish to do one or two more, try to do them nearer the beginning to give maximum effect to the final toast.

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About the bride

What to say

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, sometimes it’s hard to know where to stop. So, here are some typical things to cover:

  • How you met
  • First date – the spark, the nerves…
  • How long you’ve been together
  • How you might have changed or changed each other
  • What you’ve learned about each other
  • Silly habits either of you might have
  • Stories…nights out, nights in, eventful holidays…
  • The proposal

An image of a light bulb representing groom speech ideas

Ideas about the bride

How you met

Not everyone will know how you met your wife. Even if it seems fairly normal, such as meeting at work, you’d be surprised how that can be turned into a nice story. Did you have to keep it a secret? Did either of you actually hire the other?

First date

  • Can you remember what your fiancée was wearing?
  • Was the place special to either of you?
  • What was the spark? Laughter, shared tastes, effortless conversation …
  • Was the second date a LONG time after the first one?

Your life together

  • Has the speed of life calmed down?
  • Have your priorities changed?
  • Have you realised you finally need to be tidier or let your hair down a bit more!?

What you’ve learned about each other

What qualities and talents does your fiancée have? When did you find out she plays the piano or football or is the most caring person known to humanity?

Silly habits either of you might have

Mention these and you’ll get laughter AND a free pass to be a bit more sentimental later. Some examples…

  • Poor timekeeping
  • Hoarding
  • Unable to pass a shoe/gadget shop
  • Superstitious
  • Obsessed with a band/TV show
  • Loading the dishwasher a certain way
  • A funny turn of phrase
  • Putting every aspect of life on a spreadsheet


How to choose...
  • Choosing a story that can be told in one paragraph is ideal, two paras at a maximum.
  • Don’t choose one that would be more typical of a Best Man speech
  • Aim for one with a naturally amusing or interesting ending.

Icon of a diamond ring

The proposal

If you want to include it, a proposal story naturally has the following elements:
  • Did you manage to keep your plan secret?
  • Where did it take place?
  • What was the reaction when the ring was produced? A peal of laughter, a tsunami of tears?
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Structure…don’t over-complicate it

Classic structure

You want your groom speech to be memorable. You want it to be special. However, don’t fall into the trap of assuming you need an elaborate structure to do this. A simple structure allows the listeners to know where they are in the speech. They can relax and focus on your carefully crafted lines.

  • Ice-breaker
  • Welcome and thanks
  • Lighter-hearted section about the bride
  • More heartfelt section about the bride
  • A toast to end
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Pitfalls to beware of...

If in doubt, leave it out. Here are some tips on what to leave on the cutting room floor.

“And I’d also like to thank…”

Avoid reciting a stream of “thank you”s. You don’t want your speech to be remembered as the acceptance speech that went on and on.

The gifts that keep on giving…

Handing out gifts is surprisingly time-consuming and can turn your speech into an adult version of Santa’s Grotto. Keep this to a minimum or, better still, don’t do it during the speech at all.

“I love my wife. I really really really love my wife.”

Don’t go overboard with expressions of love. The more you use them, the less impact each one will have. Think of it as your joker. When used, it will have maximum effect.

Wonderful, brilliant, amazing, delightful

 A speech with ten “wonderfuls” won’t sound wonderful. Use all the positive adjectives at your disposal throughout your speech. If you’re struggling, don’t be scared to use an online thesaurus like this one.

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