Best Men may not agree, but I consider the groom speech to be the toughest wedding speech to get right. You have the guests to welcome, your family and friends to thank and, of course, your bride to praise. All of this while being engaging and entertaining. Yep, tough. There are grooms who’d sooner do an Ironman triathlon…with a hangover.

But if you get the balance right, the rewards are fabulous. Laughter, tears and a look of gratitude from your bride that says: “I was hoping for a good groom speech, but I wasn’t expecting that!”

Which is where I can help. I am a professional wedding speech writer who offers a five-star rated groom speech writing service. Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of bespoke speeches. I use my background writing scripts for UK TV channels (BBC, ITV, etc.) to ensure the groom’s speech help I provide removes the nerves and leads to excitement and anticipation on your big day.

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Writing A Captivating Groom’s Wedding Speech With Me

I offer groom speech services, including original speech writing from scratch, editing of existing drafts, and providing icebreakers and jokes.

1. Fill out an All Write On The Night Questionnaire

Don’t worry. I don’t need your life story. Useful details include a few milestones (such as how you met, the proposal, etc.), the things you most love about your bride and some fun stories. Check out my groom speech tips page for the sort of angles and stories that work really well.

2. Follow Up

Next, I will review your questionnaire. I sometimes follow up by email to get a bit more info. This might be for clarification or for extra detail.

When your speech is done, I send it over and you can ask for changes. For peace of mind, I offer unlimited editing services.

3. Leave it to me

From your questionnaire - or chat on the phone if you prefer - I brainstorm the material. This allows me to cherry-pick and select those parts that fit together best. I then construct a great speech and send it over to you by the agreed deadline.

4. Deliver a top-notch grooms speech

This is the “phew!” stage of the process. You now have a speech written to your requirements and excitement has replaced the stress. Check out this post for speaking tips to deliver your best wedding speech to your bride.

Bespoke Groom Speech Writing Packages

If you’re struggling with your groom’s speech, I can help. I know the questions to ask to unlock those stories. If you already have those elements but don’t know how to structure them, I have the magic needle and thread to sew them together. Here are my wedding speech writing services and pricing:

Bespoke groom speech

  • the groom speech you always wanted to deliver written by me from scratch.

Groom speech edit

  • with new lines & jokes and improved flow, your speech goes to the next level.

Groom speech icebreakers and gags

  • a PDF of original wedding jokes and one-liners to use throughout the speech

Groom’s gags plus

  • you get my groom’s gags package plus any last-minute flash edits to improve your speech.
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Tips For Delivering A Great Groom’s Speech

We all love quick wins. So, here are 5 simple tips on groom speech writing.

Simplicity is king – don’t make your speech sound like a verbal maze. Keep your sections clearly separate: welcomes & thanks; funny stories; the big loving statements about your bride. For a quick guide, have a look at this blog on classic groom speech structures

Tell your story – how you met, your first date, how you knew she was the one, how you laugh at each other’s foibles. Then there’s the proposal – were you more nervous than a man carrying a priceless vase across a marble floor?

Lose the fluff – cut to the chase with your stories. Is the date it happened necessary? Or what you had for breakfast? Do you need to list everyone else who was present? This will then free up space for any sentiment or jokes you want to add.

Be self-deprecatory – include a line or two at your own expense. It could be your dodgy timekeeping or your addiction to sport. It’s a natural launch pad for humour, and it will give you greater licence to poke gentle fun at your bride too.

Add humour throughout –it’s honestly hard to have too much light-heartedness in a wedding speech. The best jokes are based on a kernel of truth so you’re getting a laugh and conveying meaning at the same time. For inspiration, check out this wedding speech jokes post.

For more tips check out our blogs page!

If you'd like some help from me, I have a five-star rated range of writing services.

Still Struggling With Your Groom Speeches?

Not sure how good your current draft is or how it could be improved? No problem. I offer a free assessment of already written groom speeches. Send it over and you’ll get the honest opinion of a highly experienced groom speech writer. If it’s in great shape, I’ll tell you. I never take on work unless I feel I can add some dazzle.

If you’ve yet to put pen to paper and are still anxious about how to write a groom speech, I can help too. I have years of wedding speech experience, and my bespoke speech service is rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot. In working with you, I will hone in on the best areas to explore (how you met, stories about you both, and your bride’s best qualities) and provide a speech template you’re really looking forward to sharing on the wedding day.

Feel you might need some help with your speech? Why not get in touch now for a quick chat?


Balance is everything. You don’t want to overdo the welcomes and thanks. Or stories about your Best Man. Or write half a page about your parents and one line about your parents-in-law (or vice-versa).

Then there’s your two main ingredients – heartfelt lines and humour. Use them wisely. Too much sentiment too soon and there’s nowhere to go later in the speech. Don’t peak too early!

But aside from thanks and stories, here’s a key thing to include in your groom speech:

You love your bride, but why is your bride so special to you? It might be physical (her smile), emotional (you laugh or cry at the same things), or intellectual (your shared passions and interests). Try to paint a picture. Is it her smile when you come home? The shared laughter when you almost toppled over on one knee during the proposal? Or the kindness when you were ill that you’ll never forget?

Each line is a mini-story and stories are so much easier to remember. And that’s what you want your speech to have – a moment your bride will remember forever.

Avoid anything that could make an individual or the guests uncomfortable or bored. Here are some possibilities:

  • Going into too many details about financial assistance for the wedding. Keep the thanks about any generosity broad yet short. “We couldn’t have done this without…” rather than “Thanks to a very generous sum of money from…”
  • Step-parents – there’s no need to explain the relationship history of your parents or parents-in-law. If there’s a complicated backstory, a simple mention of someone’s name and a quick thanks will do.
  • You want to show your appreciation for those who had a major role at the wedding or helped with the planning like the bridesmaids and maid of honour, but you don’t want it to become a long list. Avoid any lines that start to become: “And also…. And also….”

One of the biggest aspects of writing a groom speech is coming up with ideas. Here are some potential angles:

  • What was the spark when you met? Her sense of humour, her smile, her striking looks?
  • If you met online, do you have some fun Facebook messages to read or lines from a dating profile?
  • Was the first date in a place special to either of you? How soon into the date did you realise: “This feels different….?”
  • Getting to know each other – are you Mr Messy and Little Miss Tidy or the other way round?
  • What do you like to do together? Extreme sports or extremely long Netflix binges?
  • Is it a whirlwind romance or has your relationship outlasted several governments?
  • How have your lives changed? A new house, a new pet, a new sense of adventure?
  • What’s the kindest or most thoughtful thing your fiancée has ever done for you or others?
  • Is there a silly thing she does that you wouldn’t change for the world?

If you’re anxiously staring at a blank sheet of paper, always remember this – ask yourself questions like the above. Ideas soon follow. If you need further hints, why not take a look at the blog post funny stories to include in your wedding speech?