I am a highly experienced best man speech writer who can help you nail your best man speech. With my background as a BBC comedy writer, I can ensure your wedding speech is full of brilliant, original gags.

I am also a published author whose comedy books have been featured in national UK papers. I have the know-how to write you an original speech with great structure, flow and jokes.

So, whether you need a bespoke speech or want your current draft taken to the next level, I offer the speech writing service to do this.

My clients agree. This best man speech writing service is rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot.

So, with my 10 years + as a wedding speech writer, read on to see how I help you deliver a knock-out best man speech.

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Writing A Best Man Speech With Me

1. Get booked in

Call or email me to arrange a no-obligation chat about how I can help with your best man speech.

2. Purchase a best man speech package

I offer bespoke speech writing service, a best man speech editing package, and a super urgent Last-minute best man speech service to deliver you a top-quality tailored speech within 48 hours.

3. Fill out an All Write On The Night Questionnaire

Give me the juicy details on the groom and leave the speech writing to me. Short on stories? Check out my best speech man ideas blog to uncover those gems.

4. Follow-up

I’ll always follow up if I need more info to deliver the brief. And once I’ve written your speech, I offer unlimited edits. Double peace of mind.

5. Leave it to me

I brainstorm the material and structure the speech. I then re-draft it until it’s ready to be sent by the agreed deadline.

6. Deliver the best man speech

I email your brilliantly funny best man speech to you, and you can’t wait to deliver it. Need inspiration? Check out my best man speech tips blog or best man speech gags and icebreakers package.

Products and Services

Best Man speech

  • A unique Best Man speech written from scratch. You complete my quick questionnaire and I write you a brilliantly funny speech.

Speech editing

  • I take your speech to the next level with bespoke jokes, ice-breakers or tear-jerkers. I polish your speech until you're perfectly happy.

Last-minute Best Man

  • An original speech written for you within 48 hours of you completing my Best Man questionnaire. The ultimate stress-busting service.
Best Man speech ideas

Still Stuck? Here Are Some Tips For Giving A Best Man Speech

  • If in doubt, leave it out - even if there’s only a small chance a line might offend don’t risk it. Looking for ways to make your best man wedding speech funny? Check out our blog on best man jokes that are sure to keep guests laughing.
  • Keep it simple – stories in roughly chronological order works a treat. For a quick guide, take a look at this best man speech structure post.
  • Mix it up – always include praise about the groom such as his talents and good qualities. This can be nearer the end or woven throughout and undercut for comic effect.
  • Cut to the chase – don’t make the sentences over-long; don’t signpost every joke. Want your speech to be match fit? See my blog from flabby to funny best man speech.
  • Read your speech out loud – on the page is a good gauge but vocality is reality. Do you run out of breath before finishing a line? Does a line seem to sing or die as it leaves your lips?

For how best to deliver your wedding speech, check out some of our blogs below!

If you'd like some help from me, I have a five-star rated range of writing services.

So What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Get Started On Your Best Man Speech!

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Best Man Speeches FAQs

If you’re not sure, aim for about 8 minutes. If you have very little material or don’t like public speaking, try not to go under 5 minutes.

If you think: “I have LOADS of stories.” That’s great. This means you can select the best ones. Make your best man speech a Greatest Hits not The Collected Works.

“I’ve heard not to go over 10 minutes.” This is generally true but if you’ve known each other a long time and have fine-tuned the stories, it can sometimes go over this length.

  • Previous sexual partners – no matter how noteworthy or funny, it’s a big “no” here. You could lose the room in an instant.
  • Stag do stories – if you can’t imagine telling your mum over Sunday lunch, don’t let it pass your lips.
  • Swearing – it’s not a magic way to make things funnier; only use if the joke demands it.
  • Me, me, me – although it’s your big day, don’t spend half the speech talking about how and why you were chosen as best Man.
  • Thanks but no thanks – there’s no need to thank the guests, the venue, the bridesmaids, etc. This will be covered by previous speakers.

The best type of best man jokes are tailored to the groom. But not everyone is a gag writer so here are some adaptable wedding speech jokes.

A best man structure that works well is the Best Man CV. Each section represents a personal quality that makes him a great candidate to be the bride’s husband.

Best man speech ice breakers are the Holy Grail, so it’s not a crime to use an old favourite. After all, they work. However, it’s worth trying to be original using tips on best man speech openers.