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Wedding speech edit


A full editing service which will take your speech to the next level. The service includes:

  • New and improved jokes written by a professional comedy writer
  • Re-working sentences and paragraphs for impact, style and flow
  • Ensuring the speech has a good structure
  • Advice for potential issues such as number of toasts or the appropriateness of any sections
  • Answering any questions you may have regarding the content or delivery of the speech

For more info on your wedding speech edit, check out the FAQ below.

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Speech editing service

So you’ve sweated over your speech but are still not 100% satisfied with it. This is where speech editing can work wonders. I’ve read and written hundreds of speeches and will know exactly where your speech needs work and how to take it to that next level. Think of me as highly qualified speech engineer you can trust.

So if you want to lose that stress and gain a speech you can’t wait to deliver, read on…


I’m interested. Do I just send over my speech?

I will need your speech but I will also ask you to fill in a short questionnaire, which will help me generate any new material required.

What sort of questions does the questionnaire ask?

Details such as: the Groom’s/Bride’s hobbies, his or her background, how you met each other, any stand-out stories, etc.

Do you usually require more info?

Most people give me enough info first time around but occasionally I ask for more.

How long will it take me to fill in?

Not too long. Most of the info I need will already be in your draft speech.

Can I give you more info after I’ve sent the questionnaire?

Yes, please do. Just email me anything relevant that comes to mind e.g. a classic story you’ve just remembered.

Do I need to complete the questionnaire?

No. But it will give me more info to help write personalised jokes or tear-jerkers.

It’s urgent! How long will it take you to do the wedding speech edit?

If you’re in a rush, email me. I can usually turn around a speech within 2-3 days.

What is your experience as a writer?

I’ve written and edited hundreds of wedding speeches. You will also get all my expertise as a writer who’s also written extensively for BBC TV and radio. Check out my About Page.

Have you got any testimonials?

Yes. My verified five-star reviews on Trustpilot can be seen by clicking here.

Sounds good. What’s the process?
  1. Click the Pay Pal button (you can use your credit card using PayPal too) & follow the instructions
  2. I send you an All Write On The Night questionnaire
  3. You send me your speech with any notes on what you would like changed/improved
  4. You complete the questionnaire and email it to me
  5. I edit the speech to your specification and email it to you
  6. I make any further changes you require
  7. You have a speech you are 100% happy with. Sorted!

For any other questions just email me at