Maid of Honour Speech Ideas

Whether the bride is your sister or a close friend, it’s sometimes a struggle to think of angles or stories. The blank page can be intimidating. So, to help unlock the door to those stories, here are some Maid of Honour speech ideas.

Your relationship

Very close

  • Are you sisters who are like friends? Are you friends who are like sisters?

Caring and sharing

  • Imagine the list of things you don’t tell each other. Could it even fill the back of a postage stamp?


  • Is it a relationship full of jokes and banter? Now’s your chance to show the Best Man how it should be done…

Agony Aunt or Hipster Sister

  • Where does her wisdom lie – relationships or retail? Does she have impeccable taste or is she more of a great shoulder to cry on?

Something borrowed

  • When younger, were you always lending each other things? Is there a silly list you could reel off?

Her personality


Are there are any unique things she says or does?

  • The way she answers the phone
  • The type of coffee she drinks (“anything as long as its organic arabica beans with soy milk”)
  • Does she have a distinctive laugh you could recognise from 2 streets away?

Fashion sense

  • Is she super glamorous? Is she the only person you know who might have to dress down for a ball?


  • Is she more organised than a NASA Space Programme or does she need to be reminded what day of the week it is?
  • What could you do in the time it takes her to leave the house: order a Chinese or learn Chinese?

Expert judgment

  • If the bride were made a Professor, on which subjects could she teach? The Collected Works of Shakespeare or the Collected Bags of Luis Vuitton?

Social Media

  • Is her wedding day the longest she’s been away from Instagram? Will Facebook send out a missing person’s alert?

Work and leisure


  • Does she live to work or work to live? If she’s been very successful in her field, is a well-known celebrity now worriedly looking over their shoulder?

Nights out

  • Have some of your evenings out with her and the girls been a bit raucous? “I’d like to recount some tales but there are children and men of a nervous disposition present.”


  • Is there a story or two from trips away? Maybe comical attempts to say something in a foreign language…or attempts to fit all her outfits in one suitcase.


 Ideally, the tone of your speech should match the nature of your friendship. If you’re extremely close, devote a part of your speech to saying this. If you are always making fun of each other, definitely include some light-hearted lines at her expense.


Once you have the stories you’d like to share, how best to structure them?

1) It’s all in a name…

If she has a short name, you could take each letter and use it to describe a quality. e.g. K A R E N: Kind, Ambitious, Reliable, Entertaining, Now Married!

2) In the beginning…

You might wish to start with how you met (school, work, college) then tell stories in roughly chronological order. Don’t feel the need to tell them in strict order. No one will really know…or care.

3) Go with the flow

Write up your stories first then see if one naturally leads on to another. For example, if you have a few lines about her work and also a holiday story, you’ve got a simple intro for the latter: “With BRIDE, it’s not all hard work and no play…”

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