After-dinner speech writing

So you’ve been asked to introduce or host a corporate function or give an after-dinner speech and…

  • you haven’t started the speech and need one from scratch
  • you've got an outline and need it fleshed out
  • you have a speech but would like it polished
  • you’d like some one-liners and ice-breakers

No problem. I am a highly experienced speech writer who can help you deliver a knock-out speech. My service is fast and 100% discreet.

Professional speech writer, Marc, in a cafe writing jokes on a notepad

Your audience

Whether or not you are familiar with the sector or audience you’ll be speaking to, this is not an issue. I will do the research on the latest talking points, issues and hot topics facing them and craft a speech or set of gags that will be engaging, topical and memorable. Clients have commissioned me to write speeches for a whole variety of audiences, including:

About me

As you will see from my About page, my comedy work has been featured on all the major UK TV channels, BBC radio and in the newspapers including The Guardian. I’ve also written extensively for the stage so understand the demands of live performance. I can therefore offer you the following:

Topical gags

Political or pop culture jokes from a writer who's written topical gags for Radio 4, ITV and Channel 4

Audience-specific gags

Jokes about the sector or industry you’re addressing that will really hit the spot


A tailor-made speech to suit your needs such as conference speaker or host of awards ceremony.

People who've delivered my lines on TV and radio include:

Jerry Hall, All Star Impressions Show, ITV | Warwick Davis, Ace of Clubs, BBC | Andy Parsons, Radio 2 | The Charlotte Church Show, C4

So whatever the event, I can write you that punchy speech or gags you’re looking for: material that could only have been written for them on that occasion. And all crafted by a highly experienced professional comedy writer. Visit the shop now or contact me for further details.