Father of the Bride jokes

This is a much-Googled phrase. Let’s be honest, “Father of the Bride jokes” is probably how you’ve found this page.

First, the good news. If you want to include a decent amount of humour in your speech, you already instinctively know its importance. Second, the even better news. This page is NOT a list of old ones you can borrow. It’s tips to help you write original ones that will get an even better reaction.

So, let’s see how we can get lots of great bespoke Father of the Bride jokes into your speech.

Opening lines & icebreaker

You’re probably not a stand-up comic so don’t feel you have to deliver a knock-out one-liner at the top. In fact, the first couple of lines can just be a warm welcome. However, within the first 30 seconds you will want to have offered the guests a chance to laugh. You’re the first speaker and they’ll be waiting for the chance to show their appreciation. So, let’s give them something to trigger their laughter.

So what sort of lines should you use near the very top?

If you can, avoid the old favourites. A line that is tailored for the occasion will trump one that has graced the mouths of thousands of wedding speakers. That said, don’t beat yourself up if you do use one. Just ensure the remainder are original otherwise you’ll sound like a wedding joke tribute act.

Tailored lines

Fine. But you’re now asking: how do I write a tailored line?

OK. Think about what will be real in the moment when you deliver the speech.

People are in their finery, they’ve travelled, you’re in a particular venue, you’ve just eaten or are about to, this is first/second time you’ve given a daughter away, you’re the first speaker, people don’t know how long you plan to speak for (so perhaps they’re more nervous than you), people are split up on different tables. And so on.

In and of themselves, they might not inspire you so try to find an angle by linking two elements together.


  • Is there a particular reason this venue was chosen?
  • How did most people travel to get to the venue? Who travelled the furthest? Did anyone have to travel using Ryan Air?
  • Does your job involve speaking? …so apologies if you accidentally deliver a few regional sales figures.
  • The guests look amazing; and there is a free bar. So, you’re expecting some great photos. Or as they’re otherwise known: before-and-after shots.

You don’t need a world-beating line, just one that roots everyone in the moment and gives them permission to laugh.

Once you have an icebreaker near the top, let’s see where else you can include some Father of the Bride jokes.

Your role at the wedding

Self-deprecation always goes down well so you might wish to praise your greatest contribution to the wedding: not getting in the way.

You could link this with a thanks to all those who’ve helped, though be aware the groom might wish to cover this too.

Your daughter

The tone of any jokes should be light-hearted and, ultimately, allow you to praise her more. Think of your speech as a musical composition. You will want some elegant variation.




  4. JOKE

Which would you rather listen to?

So, if you’ve just mentioned how your daughter achieved something amazing, you will probably need some comic relief soon afterwards. Here are some potential angles.

Personality traits:

Hardworking & focussed – why not try some comic exaggeration; if she’s super-diligent are there any world problems she’ll probably end up solving next? Could she develop a new Covid vaccine on her weekend off?

Rites of passage:

Swimming lessons, driving lessons, going to college or first job – as each of these stories will involve success, you can afford to smuggle a joke in without it detracting from your daughter’s achievement.

Again, try to link a couple together. For instance, did how she approach her 25-metre swimming certificate pre-figure how she conquered the world of work?

Your jokes are not just for the laughter, they can also be the thread in the story you are weaving about your daughter.


Depending on how well you know him, the style of joke you can tell will be closer to that of a Best Man’s. Even so, it should be no more than a gentle punch on the arm.

Here are some angles:

  • Did he formally ask your permission to marry your daughter? How nervous was he? Did he try to hide his intentions or was it more obvious than a 1970s whodunnit?
  • Does he have a notable hobby or support a football team? Is it part of his life or his life part of his hobby?
  • Welcoming him to the family – does he know what he’s letting himself in for? Or is it now much too late?

Marital advice

You might want to end your speech with a wish or piece of wisdom before the toast. On the other hand, you might prefer to joke about how you’re not qualified to dispense any at all.

“You’ll be pleased to hear I won’t give any marital advice today. The book I ordered didn’t arrive in time.”

If you gently put yourself down, you’ll find the audience wanting to raise you back up with their appreciation.


Jokes are not nice-to-haves, they can also be the building blocks of your speech. They contain truths, can thread things together and add energy. So when it comes to crafting your wedding speech, don’t think it’s frivolous if you focus on the humour first.

Or to put it another way: Father of the Bride jokes might be jokes told by a dad but – done well – they won’t seem like dad jokes at all.

Good luck with your speech!

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