Traditionally the Father of the Bride is the first speaker at a wedding and your speech needs to cover:

  • Welcoming the guests
  • Stories and reminiscences about your daughter
  • A welcome to your son-in-law on behalf of the family
  • A toast to the Bride and Groom
  • Other toasts where appropriate e.g. to absent friends
  • Humour!

It is in the last area that I can offer expert help. Father of the Bride speeches do not need to be dry affairs with a sprinkling of time-honoured jokes. They, too, can be very funny yet remain heartfelt and tick all the boxes regarding the welcomes and toasts.

Father of the Bride speech

In fact, humour is the best way to engage your audience. A six-minute Father of the Bride speech peppered with great original jokes will fly by to the guests. It will also allow you to cover all the things you want to include but are worried might be too sentimental. For example, thank yous, reminiscences about your daughter, kind words about your son-in-law, etc.

Well-deployed humour will also serve as an antidote to one of the dangers in the Father of the Bride’s speech – the over-proud dad who finds he has a life-time’s worth of praise to sprinkle over his daughter. Although one might think – “It’s a wedding speech, I’ve got a free pass to say what I want” – any speaker must still be aware that guests can only hear so much sentimentality or praise before the sweetness becomes cloying.

However, by choosing the right moments to use understatement, exaggeration, irony and other comic devices, you can actually have your cake and eat it: both praise your daughter and raise the roof.

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As an experienced speech and comedy writer I can provide you with a well-balanced speech full of great, original gags. It will ensure you stand up at the wedding confident in the knowledge you’ll have the guests in the palm of your hand for the next few minutes.

Just take a look in the Shop and you’ll see I offer a full speech writing service, an editing service and also a package of original, personalisable gags and tear-jerkers for your Father of the Bride speech.

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