Father of the Bride speech

Your daughter has put her heart and soul into preparing for the wedding. Every other week you hear: “it’s the biggest day of her life”. And you’re due to give one of the main speeches. So, no pressure then…

But pressure’s a good thing. It shows your expectations are high. You want to do your daughter proud and deliver a memorable speech. Let me help you.

This page has tips to guide you in writing a great speech. It covers everything from coming up with ideas to how to deliver it.

First, let’s take a quick overview.

A tearful bride and groom listening to a great Father of The Bride speech

What to include

Traditionally the Father of the Bride is the first speaker and your speech needs to cover:

  • Welcoming the guests
  • Stories about your daughter
  • A welcome to your son-in-law
  • A toast to the Bride and Groom
  • Other toasts where appropriate e.g. to absent friends
  • Humour!

The importance of humour

Humour is key. Father of the Bride speeches do not need to be dry affairs with a sprinkling of old jokes. They can be very funny yet remain heartfelt. A speech with great original jokes will fly by to the guests. It’s also an antidote to one of the dangers – the over-proud dad with a life-time’s worth of praise to deliver.

So, with a good use of jokes, you CAN have your cake and eat it. You can praise your daughter and raise the roof!

Father of the Bride Speech tips

Whether you're looking for help with humour, stories or structure, I've written the following short guides.

  1. Speech tips A-Z – a bite-size Father of the Bride speech guide (6-minute read)
  2. Father of the Bride ideas – unlocking those great stories (5-minute read)
  3. Stand and Deliver – simple public speaking tips (5-minute read)

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Would you like some help?

Not everyone fancies writing a speech, and not everyone has time. So, if you’d prefer professional help, that’s where I come in. I’m Marc Blakewill, a 5-star rated speech writer with a BBC TV writing background. I can provide you with a well-balanced speech full of great, original gags.

With a well-crafted speech, you will stand up at the wedding knowing you’ll have the guests in the palm of your hand for the next few minutes.

So, why not click below and say goodbye to all that wedding speech stress and say hello to an amazing speech.

Father of The Bride speech writing services

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Speech editing

  • I take your speech to the next level with bespoke jokes, ice-breakers or tear-jerkers. I polish your speech until you're perfectly happy.

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